Kartik-Naira to stand by their big decision in Yeh Rishta…


Kartik and Naira explain Dadi that she shouldn’t differentiate between a girl and a boy. Dadi tells Kartik that she has done this for him. Kartik tells her that he will not fulfill her wish, as he doesn’t discriminate between a son and a daughter. Naira too supports Kartik. Kartik doesn’t want to give any rights to Dadi. He tells her that he is supporting his wife in this matter. Kartik tells Dadi that she didn’t understand Naira and him till now. Dadi gets angry on Naira. Dadi tells Kartik that she doesn’t want another Naira in the house. Naira tells Dadi that she will return the shank to her family. Dadi doesn’t permit her. Naira doesn’t listen to Dadi and leaves with the shank.

Dadi gets more angry on her. Naira returns the shank to her family. She doesn’t tell them about Dadi’s misdeed. Naitik understands that Naira is doing a bahu’s duty well. He feels proud that Naira is a sensible daughter. He praises her for managing her in-laws so well. He asks her not to give up and keep trying to mend all relations. Naira wants everyone to stay happy and not hurt each other.

Manish and Akhilesh feel Dadi has done wrong. Manish worries that Naira will disrespect them in her house. Suwarna tells Manish that Naira didn’t reveal Dadi’s blunder to her family. She praises Naira for saving their respect.

Kirti asks Naksh for help. Naksh refuses to her and asks her to go alone. Naksh then justifies his decision to the family that he wants Kirti to become confident and self-dependent. The family supports Naksh’s thinking. Kirti loses courage to do the work alone. Dadi tries hard to convince Kartik. Kartik doesn’t listen to Dadi. Dadi angers him more. He tells her that her greed can hurt him and Naira more. He decides to not have children. He tells Dadi that Naira and he won’t have children and end this chapter for once and all.

Dadi hates Naira. She believes Naira has fed her decision in Kartik’s mind. Naira clears out to Dadi that their thinking doesn’t match to hers. Dadi misunderstands Naira. Naira gets hurt. She then deals with Kartik’s emotional breakdown. Kartik tells Naira that he doesn’t regret on his decision, he doesn’t want a child, if the family will be biased in such a way. He doesn’t want to support Dadi in her wrong thinking. Naira understands him and supports.


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