Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara: Rehaan swears to protect Ahana


Rehaan defends Ahana. He gets into an argument with Gupta, who laughs out on his changing terms with Ahana. He reveals Rehaan’s plans to Ahana. He tells Ahana that Rehaan wanted to spoil her life. Rehaan tells him that Ahana is not part of his family. Gupta tells them that Laila has to clear the debts. He angers them by speaking ill about Laila. Rehaan pacifies Ahana. Laila wishes to talk to Rehaan.

Rehaan meets Laila. She gets grateful to him. She tells him that she is glad that his hatred for Ahana ended. She asks him to always protect Ahana. He tells her that he has realized Ahana is true, so he is helping her. He assures Laila that he will not let wrong happen with Ahana. Saloni gets stressed about Gupta’s warnings. Rehaan stands by Ahana. She asks him why is he being good to her. Rehaan tells her that he just wants to help her. She wishes Anant forgives her.

Ahana and Rehaan leave for home. They meet with a deadly accident. They fortunately get saved. Ahana thinks of Anant. She gets sorrowful. She tells Rehaan that she doesn’t want to live. Rehaan consoles her. She tells him about her pain. She feels sorry to never understand Laila. She wishes Anant and Roshni understand her. She feels everything goes wrong in her life. She tells him that no one needs her, she feels lost in life. Rehaan asks her not to regard herself selfish. He lessens her sorrow. Ahana slips in depression and tries to commit suicide. Rehaan worries for Ahana’s life and swears to protect her.



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