Simmi to suspect Ishita’s new avatar in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ishita enters the Bhalla house in disguise of a maid. She changes her identity to Shanno with the help of Shagun. Shagun tells Bhallas that she has to secure Shanno, who is the target of her evil husband. She asks them to hire Shanno as the maid. Ishita convinces Raman to hire her by sharing her sorrowful story. Simmi gets keen to know about her. Ishita fakes a burn mark and scares Simmi. Ishita cries out her pain. She tells them that her husband tortures her a lot. Simmi and Parmeet decide to keep an eye on Shanno.

Shagun likes Ishita’s acting. Ishita gets glad that Simmi got fooled by her. She tells Shagun that she will protect Raman now. Ishita is sure to manage Simmi and Parmeet. Shagun tells her that Simmi will try to find about her. Ishita asks her not to worry, as Ashok will manage her absence. Raman asks Shagun about Ishita. Shagun realizes Raman is missing Ishita.

Ishita takes care of Raman. She looks after him. She doesn’t want Raman to take the wrong pills again. Ruhi does not want her employees to get against her. She throws a party for the employees. She spends much money without asking Raman. She doesn’t think Raman will oppose her. Ishita and Neelu team up. Ishita asks Neelu to help her. Raman visits the office and gets to see the employees partying. He scolds Ruhi for missing the important meeting. Simmi asks Mihika to find about Shanno. Ishita sets Raman’s room. She then goes to Pihu’s room and misses her. Parmeet finds her in Pihu’s room and gets suspicious. Ishita comes up with a way to fool him.


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