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    YHM: Ishita enters the Bhalla house in disguise of a maid. She changes her identity to Shanno with the help of Shagun. Shagun tells Bhallas that she has to secure Shanno, who is the target of her evil husband. She asks them to hire Shanno as the maid. Ishita convinces Raman to hire her by sharing her sorrowful story. Simmi gets keen to know about her. Ishita fakes a burn mark and scares Simmi. Ishita cries out her pain. She tells them that her husband tortures her a lot. Simmi and Parmeet decide to keep an eye on Shanno.


    Shivay decides to inform the elders about Rudra’s marriage. He tells Anika that he has to call Jhanvi and make her know about it. Shivay calls Jhanvi. She gets glad, but Tej stops her from answering. He asks Jhanvi to remember that Shivay has taken advantage of her goodness. She tells him that she wants to know about her sons. She feels Shivay can’t do wrong with her sons. He orders her not to answer the call. Shivay didn’t imagine his elders will hate him so much. He feels bad that the family got shattered.


    Ballu threatens to kill Neela. Neil tries hard to save Neela from Ballu. Bebe seeks help from Ali. She learns about Neil. Ali tells Bebe that he has fooled Vidyut’s men as per Neil’s plan. Bebe feels Neil is getting involved in Vidyut’s matters again. She doesn’t want Vidyut to bring a storm in their lives again. She worries for Avni. She asks Ali to take her to Avni. Ali tells her that she can’t meet Avni. Bebe requests him to fulfill her wish. Ali gives his word. Neil tries to inform DD about Neela. He tells DD about Ballu kidnapping Neela. DD assures him that he will find Ballu and nab him.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Satrupa shouts on Sudha for having ill feelings for Anami. She wants Anami back in Lal Mahal. She can’t afford to lose Anami. Satrupa prays for her daughter’s return. Anami thinks of Satrupa’s intentions. She hates her and vows to avenge Satrupa. She returns to Adhiraj and tells her decision. Madhu stops Anami from returning to Lal Mahal. She tells Anami that she can’t allow her to go towards her death. She threatens to die. She asks Anami not to leave them again.


    Kartik and Naira explain Dadi that she shouldn’t differentiate between a girl and a boy. Dadi tells Kartik that she has done this for him. Kartik tells her that he will not fulfill her wish, as he doesn’t discriminate between a son and a daughter. Naira too supports Kartik. Kartik doesn’t want to give any rights to Dadi. He tells her that he is supporting his wife in this matter. Kartik tells Dadi that she didn’t understand Naira and him till now. Dadi gets angry on Naira. Dadi tells Kartik that she doesn’t want another Naira in the house. Naira tells Dadi that she will return the shank to her family. Dadi doesn’t permit her. Naira doesn’t listen to Dadi and leaves with the shank.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Rehaan defends Ahana. He gets into an argument with Gupta, who laughs out on his changing terms with Ahana. He reveals Rehaan’s plans to Ahana. He tells Ahana that Rehaan wanted to spoil her life. Rehaan tells him that Ahana is not part of his family. Gupta tells them that Laila has to clear the debts. He angers them by speaking ill about Laila. Rehaan pacifies Ahana. Laila wishes to talk to Rehaan.


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