A piece of good news awaits Neil-Avni in Naamkarann


Sunehri gets hurt during the escape plan. Ragini Pandit’s escape motives fail miserably. The commissioner summons Avni to know about the crime. Avni turns the tables against Ragini Pandit. She frames Ragini Pandit in the crime. Avni tells the commissioner that Ragini Pandit had made the escape plan, and poor Sunehri got injured in an attempt to stop her. Commissioner decides to punish Ragini Pandit. He informs Vidyut about his mum’s move. Vidyut gets angry on Avni’s master plan. Ragini Pandit gets more bitter-hearted towards Avni.

Meanwhile, Neil takes the disguise of Sardar. He meets Avni in the jail. He first pulls her leg to know if she will identify him. He teases her and makes her angry by his flirty side. He then asks her if she has forgotten the love vows. She asks who is he. Neil reminds their lovely moments. Avni realizes he is Neil and gets happy. She happily hugs him. She tells him that she missed him a lot, she was worried about his health. She asks about his new get-up. Neil tells her that he has taken this disguise to save Neela. She beats him with love.

She asks him why did he leave her. He threatens to arrest her for beating her husband. She scolds him for becoming Neo and taking a big risk. She asks him how could he invite danger, did he not think about her and family. Neil tells her that he has planned everything well, he will not risk his life in his task. He relieves her tension. They have a moment. Neil has taken the disguise to tackle Vidyut. He shows a video to Avni. He tells her that Neela has sent the evidence. He gives the good news that Mishti is alive. Avni gets emotional. Neil calms her down. He tells her that very soon they will have Mishti with them. He wants to prove Vidyut’s crimes and get him punished. Avni asks him to find Mishti soon. She can’t wait to see Mishti in front of her.


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