Surprising twist: Anami returns to Lal Mahal in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Satrupa shouts on Sudha for having ill feelings for Anami. She wants Anami back in Lal Mahal. She can’t afford to lose Anami. Satrupa prays for her daughter’s return. Anami thinks of Satrupa’s intentions. She hates her and vows to avenge Satrupa. She returns to Adhiraj and tells her decision. Madhu stops Anami from returning to Lal Mahal. She tells Anami that she can’t allow her to go towards her death. She threatens to die. She asks Anami not to leave them again.

Anami asks them to listen to her reason and decide. Madhu feels Lal Mahal is a hell for them. She asks Anami not to return to the hell, which can make them away from her forever. She asks Anami to take this another chance as a new life and move on. Anami’s heart gets inclined for justice. Satrupa gets mad for Anami. She makes a tough prayer. She begins to walk on burning coal, while the family stops her. Satrupa is confident that Anami will come back.

Anami tells Madhu that she will punish Satrupa. She asks her parents to trust her once. Adhiraj asks Anami to think for her family’s wish first. Madhu doesn’t want revenge from anyone. Murari supports Anami in her fight. He tells them that Anami is right to raise her voice against injustice. He wants Anami to teach a lesson to the evil doers. He blesses Anami. He tells them that self esteem is much important. Madhu tells him that Anami is precious than her esteem. Anami tries hard to convince her.

She tells Madhu that she will find a new Anami from now. Satrupa bears the pain and cries. She doesn’t care for her life, which seems meaningless without Anami. Anami sticks to her decision. Madhu permits Anami to return to Lal Mahal. Anami thanks Madhu for trusting her and letting her follow her heart. Anami returns to Lal Mahal, much to everyone’s surprise. Satrupa’s wish gets fulfilled. Anami’s return breaks Sudha’s dreams. Narottam ends ties with evil minded Sudha. Satrupa faces Anami’s hatred. She is sure to win Anami back.


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