Tej’s bitterness to hurt Shivay’s feelings in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz: Shivay to struggle further; A bad phase for Oberois

Shivay decides to inform the elders about Rudra’s marriage. He tells Anika that he has to call Jhanvi and make her know about it. Shivay calls Jhanvi. She gets glad, but Tej stops her from answering. He asks Jhanvi to remember that Shivay has taken advantage of her goodness. She tells him that she wants to know about her sons. She feels Shivay can’t do wrong with her sons. He orders her not to answer the call.

Shivay didn’t imagine his elders will hate him so much. He feels bad that the family got shattered. Anika makes a video call to Dadi. Shivay and Anika cry while talking to Dadi, who asks them to come back. Shivay doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Dadi is sure that Shivay will unite the family. She shows her belief in Shivay. Shivay gives her the good news. He tells Dadi that Rudra is in love with Bhavya. Dadi gets glad that Rudra is settling down.

Dadi tells Shivay that he is carrying out his brother’s wedding functions, its a great thing as Rudra is not lesser than his son. She blesses Shivay. Rudra informs Dadi about his engagement. Dadi asks them to cheer up and prepare for the engagement. Dadi tells them not to be upset anymore. Rudra assures Dadi that he will take care of Shivay. Dadi gets content seeing them united. Tej gets angry on Shivay. He holds Shivay responsible for breaking the family. He accuses Shivay for snatching his sons.

He calls Shivay a master player. He asks Shivay is this his move to fail him again. He scolds Shivay for cheating them on the name of love and family. Shivay gets hurt. Omkara takes a stand for Shivay. He scolds Tej for failing to be a good father. Tej congratulates Shivay for brainwashing his sons. Rudra tells Tej that he wants to share his happiness with Shivay, who really loves him more than his parents. Omkara and Rudra oppose Tej and answer him well. Tej doesn’t want to attend Rudra’s marriage.

Shivay justifies Tej, as he is a father. Omkara and Rudra don’t want Shivay to cry. They cheer up Shivay. Anika tells Rudra and Bhavya that they have to find the rings. They keep the treasure hunt and tease the lovers. Rudra finds it a hard task. Anika and Gauri add fun in the game. Rudra and Bhavya celebrate with the family members, while finding the rings. Lily finds Shivay. She realizes Shivay’s identity and goes to harm him. Shivay wants the family present in Rudra’s engagement. He convinces Jhanvi and Pinky, but Tej gets against Shivay. He joins hands with Shwetlana to ruin down Shivay.


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