Ahaan-Pankti’s love story gets a new villain in Tu Aashiqui


Ahaan gets a big opportunity. He takes the blessings of the family. He is going for his singing concert. The family asks Ahaan to take Pankti along. Pankti refuses to go. She doesn’t want to distract Ahaan. Ahaan and Pankti have a moment. Anita will create a hurdle in Pankti and Ahaan’s marriage. She learns about Pankti’s engagement. She decides to break the engagement. She doesn’t want Pankti to live a normal life. She wants her golden bird back. She feels she has the sole right on Pankti.

She becomes a villain for Pankti. She determines to ruin Pankti’s happiness. She is against Pankti’s relation with Ahaan. She pledges to hurt Pankti more than JD. Anita tries to get Pankti back home. Aparna and Sheetal kidnap Anita. They want peace and happiness in Pankti and Ahaan’s life. Sheetal asks the men not to leave Anita till the engagement happens.


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