Kartik to sacrifice for Aryan’s future in Yeh Rishta..

Yeh Rishta Kartik unfolds the truth to Naksh shockingly

A guy at Naira’s dance academy gets filmi and hangs down the aerial ropes. He asks Naira to call his lover. He gets drunk. He threatens to commit suicide in Sholay style. Naira asks him not to make any such mistake. Naira worries that the guy can fall down and get hurt. Naira doesn’t want any drama in her academy. She calls Kartik for help. Kartik reaches there and sees the situation. Kartik and Naira try to fool the guy by talking about the tough step and make him come down. They challenge the guy for a dance.

Kartik loses his focus on business. He doesn’t go office and helps Naira in her academy. The family feels Kartik is just blindly following Naira. Kartik had an argument with Aryan. He found Aryan insecure and decided to distant himself from the business, so that Aryan can set himself in Goenka company.

The family isn’t aware of Kartik and Aryan’s quarrel. Kartik saves the guy’s life. Naira thanks him and asks him to go office. She is afraid of family’s complaints. Kartik hides the fact that he is staying away from office for his brother’s sake. Dadi scolds Naira. She blames Naira for ruining Kartik’s life by completely changing him. Naira finds hard to explain the family about Kartik’s own decisions. Kartik makes a sacrifice and stays away from Manish too. He wants Aryan’s anger to end completely from the heart.


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