Diya to turn upset with Ratan in Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya


Ratan’s mistake makes Diya angered. She gets much annoyed with him. He tries hard to explain her. She doesn’t listen to him. She asks him what does he want, does he want her to appreciate his efforts and sympathize. She scolds him for lying to Abhay and her. She asks him where was he, ring didn’t get polished, it means he didn’t go to the jeweler. She thanks him for all his efforts. She confronts him for coming late and spoiling her important day. Ratan tells her that he couldn’t reach the jeweler, as he got stuck with the ring.

She tells him that the ring has her dad’s emotions linked to it. She asks him why did he give happiness to her parents by taking her proposal to Abhay. She tells him that he has hurt everyone by this mistake. She asks him did he not care for their emotions now, why did he tarnish their happiness.

She is very angry as Ratan is wearing the engagement ring instead Abhay. Ratan tells her that he is not enjoying this drama. He tells her that he will not take any responsibility from now. He promises her that he will fulfill his duty well and not commit any more mistakes. He tells her that he will get the ring out of his finger anyhow. He asks her to stay happy, he will do anything for her happiness. They have a cute moment.


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