Ishqbaaz: Shivay’s surprise stirs a fear in Anika

Ishqbaaz: Shivay's Majnu Awara act turns surprising

Shivay tries to involve the elders in Rudra and Bhavya’s engagement. The treasure hunting finally ends. Rudra and Bhavya get the rings. Shivay arranges a video chat and connects to the family elders. He doesn’t let them miss the engagement function. Jhanvi and Pinky bless Rudra and Bhavya. Shivay tries to bring Jhanvi and Pinky together. The mothers’ presence make Obros emotional. The engagement ceremony goes on well. Shivay’s efforts succeed. Everyone congratulates Shivay for succeeding in his attempt. Shivay thanks Anika for always supporting him.

He tells her that she has always been his strength. She tells him that he doesn’t need anyone. He expresses his emotions. He tells her that he will always need her. She is happy that he is joining the family back. He wants to find Kalyani mills incident truth and expose Shwetlana. He wishes that he sets everything fine in his family. He knows the family will unite, only when they get rid of Shwetlana.

Shivay gets attacked by Lily. She throws the weaponized pizza over Shivay. He gets fortunate and saved. His family laughs on Shivay for having a flying pizza. Lily informs Veer that the pizza got exchanged. Veer gets angry knowing his plan failed. He tries to find out the reason behind it. He finds Shweta at fault and punishes her for the big mistake.

Tej doesn’t want Shivay to succeed in his aims. He wants to fill hatred in his sons’ heart against Shivay. He wants them to get separated from Shivay. Shwetlana tries to influence Tej again. She offers him help. She promises to tackle Shivay. Tej joins hands with Shwetlana to avenge Shivay.

Anika doubts on Shivay on hearing his phone conversation with someone. Anika wonders who’s the one Shivay is missing. Shwetlana feels its too easy to destroy Oberois, as the family has no unity left between them. She feels sorry for Shivay, who left everything for Tej’s wish. Shivay asks Anika to start preparations for Lohri. He plans a surprise for them. Anika gets afraid thinking of previous Lohri. She recollects the worst phase when Shivay’s life fell in danger. She tells Shivay that Lohri celebrations are causing a fear in her. She doesn’t want to lose her love. Shivay pacifies her.


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