Simar’s search for Piyush to finally end in Sasural Simar Ka


Simar and Prem look for Piyush. They finally meet Piyush. They follow Piyush and stop him from running away. They get mistaken that Piyush is kidnapped by some girl. They learn that the girl is taking care of Piyush and supporting him. The girl tells them that Piyush is mentally a kid, that’s why she has kept Piyush tied. Piyush doesn’t identify Simar and Prem. He dances like a kid and points a toy gun at Simar. He falls down. Simar holds him. She hugs her son.

Piyush feels some connection with her. He behaves like a silly kid and talks to Simar. Prem and Simar feel bad seeing their son in such a state. They ask Piyush to come home with them. Piyush refuses to go with them. He has lost his mind since Roshni left him. He is not able to accept Roshni’s death. He has lost his memory and mental balance. Piyush’s truth makes Simar much upset. Prem consoles Simar. He promises her that he will get Piyush home.


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