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Tu Aashiqui: Ahaan gets a big opportunity. He takes the blessings of the family. He is going for his singing concert. The family asks Ahaan to take Pankti along. Pankti refuses to go. She doesn’t want to distract Ahaan. Ahaan and Pankti have a moment. Anita will create a hurdle in Pankti and Ahaan’s marriage. She learns about Pankti’s engagement. She decides to break the engagement. She doesn’t want Pankti to live a normal life. She wants her golden bird back. She feels she has the sole right on Pankti.

Maharani is threatening Soumya again and again. Soumya worries for Harman’s life. She stays alert. She tries to make sure that there is no attacker around. Harman and Soumya’s car breaks down. Harman goes to call a mechanic. A kid gives her a note from Maharani. She gets afraid after reading the note. She hurriedly looks for Harman. He comes back and asks Soumya why did she get down the car. Soumya fails to explain her fears to him. Maharani is ready to use any means to trouble Soumya. Harman gets the mechanic. They get the car repaired and go home. Harman finds Soumya hiding something. Maharani will come up with a dangerous plan against Soumya.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed: Vijay gets afraid that Mandira has told Anant about their relation. He goes to meet Anant. He finds Anant upset. He tries to know why is Anant angry. Anant doesn’t know anything. Anant talks about Mandira. Vijay learns that Anant doesn’t know anything. He asks Anant to join Mandira’s party. Anant tells Vijay that its beneficial for him too. Vijay doesn’t want to talk about himself. Anant asks him if he is leaving so soon. He asks Vijay to have food, Mandira has prepared it. Mandira finds a chance to talk to Vijay.


A guy at Naira’s dance academy gets filmi and hangs down the aerial ropes. He asks Naira to call his lover. He gets drunk. He threatens to commit suicide in Sholay style. Naira asks him not to make any such mistake. Naira worries that the guy can fall down and get hurt. Naira doesn’t want any drama in her academy. She calls Kartik for help. Kartik reaches there and sees the situation. Kartik and Naira try to fool the guy by talking about the tough step and make him come down. They challenge the guy for a dance.

Piyaa Albela:

Pooja was hiding Naren’s truth. Naren gets to know everything about her drama. He decides to leave the house. She asks him will he leave the house. He asks her why did she do the drama to hide such an important thing. He tells her that he feels bad, how could she lie to him about her mother. Pooja has lied to him and introduced Chandrika as her mother. He asks her never to hide things. He asks her does she not trust him. Naren feels he couldn’t understand Pooja till now.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi:
Akhilesh and Ira get married. Ira gets drunk by mistake. She finds Akhilesh cute and romances. Akhilesh feels some evil spirit entered her, that’s why she is behaving mad. He asks her to have some dignity. She tells him that she likes him. Akhilesh gets troubled by her. She asks him why is he shy like a bride. Akhilesh isn’t happy with the marriage. He holds her responsible for his life’s disaster. Ira apologizes to him.


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