Abhay to stress Ratan by his decision in Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya


Diya’s family keeps Ganpati puja. Pandit asks them to keep one day fast to pray for Diya’s happy married life. Ratan tells pandit that he has taken all the responsibility of Diya’s marriage, so he will keep the fast as well. He forwards his hand and gets the thread tied. He doesn’t know about the tough task. He sounds happy. He doesn’t listen to Kakimaa and Kakasa. Diya laughs on Ratan. She tells Ratan that he has sworn to keep the fast for the whole day. He tells them that he doesn’t believe in such rituals, he won’t keep the ritual and won’t let them do this. Pandit tells him that its a tradition, someone else can do this if not him.

Ratan tells Diya that keeping a fast don’t make someone a well-wisher. Diya tells him that she will do the ritual if its important for her parents. She tells him that she wants to do all the rituals. Ratan keeps the fast for Diya’s sake. Diya and the family enjoy the food. Ratan tells them that he is hungry since morning and the family is teasing him by having Chappan bhog. He asks Diya not to leave the food, as she has to bear the torture now. He calls marriage rituals a torture.

He asks Diya to have much food as she needs energy, she is the main person, the bride. He asks the family why is the bride tortured so much. He asks them to keep things simple and less noisy. Abhay tells Ratan that he doesn’t want to marry Diya. Ratan doesn’t understand his decision. He asks him how can he back out when engagement has already happened. Ratan raises a question on Abhay. He asks Abhay how can he break Diya’s heart. Abhay justifies that he is helpless to do this. He reveals that he is in love with someone else. He then laughs and tells Ratan that he is just joking. Ratan asks him how can he joke such a thing. Abhay makes a vicious plan. He plans to bring a shocking twist in the marriage.


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