Teni attempts to support Anushka’s battle in Laado 2 and Dil Se Dil Tak merger


Anushka fails to prove her stand right in the court. She gets help from Teni, who reaches the court with the evidence CD. Teni tells her that she has got the proof against Jhanvi’s murderers. She tells Anushka that she will support her in her fight for justice. Rantej plans to kidnap Teni. Teni falls in trouble. She gets close to meet with an accident. Anushka saves her. Teni gives her the CD. Anushka gets upset that the CD got damaged. Anushka learns Rantej has murdered Jhanvi. Amma ji proves Yuvraaj wrong. She tells Anushka that she wanted to show this truth to her.

She says Yuvraaj has made you against me, he is using you as a puppet, if you don’t trust me, its not my loss. She wants to punish the culprits her way. She tells Anushka that there is no way to get justice in Veerpur. Anushka loses in her attempt. Amma ji says I will not leave Yuvraaj and his family. Anushka loses the case. Amma ji vows to take revenge. She says I will handle this case in my court and punish Rantej. Anushka gets hurt seeing Yuvraaj rejoicing Rantej’s win. She learns Yuvraaj is Rantej’s brother. She gets angered seeing Yuvraaj hugging Jhanvi’s murderers.


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