Avni denies an escape opportunity in Naamkarann


Sunehri recovers from the attack. She helps Avni. She tells Avni that she can get a chance to run away from the jail. Avni spies on the jailer. They try to listen to jailer’s conversation. Sunehri says we will run away soon. Avni decides to stay back. She tells Sunehri that she can’t escape, she doesn’t want to put Neil in a problem. She says there is always a way, we always try to get shortcuts and commit mistakes. She changes her perception, since she learnt Neil’s truth. She asks Sunehri to inform DD that Neil and Neela are in danger.

Sunehri asks Avni will she not come. Avni tells her that she has to keep an eye on Gurumaa. She has promised Neil that she won’t break the law. She has faith in Neil. She tells her that Neil has promised to get her freed with honor, and she will not do anything to hurt him. She says Neil always keeps his promises, its his love that he is tolerating everything to prove my innocence. Sunehri doesn’t want to leave Avni alone. She says you have saved my life, I won’t run away, you have to come with me. Avni asks her to just go. Sunehri doesn’t go. She stays back for Avni. She wants to help Avni as a friend.


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