Ishita ploys to win Simmi’s trust in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ishita finds Raman in much pain. She reaches him to do the aid. Raman can’t manage to have food on his own. Ishita feeds the food to him and bonds with him. She relieves his neck pain. She gets some peaceful moments with him. Ishita meets Shagun at a cafe. She tells Shagun that she didn’t find out Simmi’s plans till now. She wants to know how Simmi is drugging Raman. Ishita stays around Raman. She tries to win Simmi’s trust by her impressive service. Mrs. Bhalla gets a doubt on Ishita.

She asks Ishita how does she know everything in their house. Ishita gets speechless. She tells her that she got trained by Neelu. Ishita learns Pihu is stuck in a problem. Pihu tells Simmi that she has forgot to do her project. Simmi gets angry on her. She asks Pihu to go school and get punished by the teacher. She helps Pihu by completing her project. She doesn’t let Simmi scold Pihu.

Pihu thanks Shanno for the help. Ishita gets close to Ruhi and Pihu. She gets much awaited happiness in her life. Ishita tells Simmi that she has helped Pihu just for her sake. She flatters and wins Simmi’s trust. Raman thanks Shanno for help. Ishita tells him that Simmi has asked her to help him and Pihu. Simmi gets fooled. Ishita plans to know about the pills by Simmi herself.


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