Neil-Avni to decode Neela’s message in Naamkarann

Avni in Naamkarann

Avni is sure that Neil will save Neela. Neil asks Neela to smile and let him make a good video to show her daughter. He tells Neela that she is kidnapped and she should just listen to them. Ballu gets impressed by Neil. He tells Neil that he will make him join the special guards group once Vidyut is back. Neela gets emotional while giving a message for Avni. She tries to tell Avni about Mishti. Neil doesn’t understand Neela’s message at first. Ballu asks Neela not to tell entire story, just a statement is needed. Ballu plans to send the video to Ragini Pandit. Neil tries to find some way to communicate with Neela.

Avni shares duties of others and does all the work. She finishes the cooking tasks and then does the cleaning. She helps the prisoners and also looks after Sunehri’s recovery. Jailer tells Ragini Pandit that Avni is misleading them. Ragini Pandit has belief on Vidyut. She tells the jailer that Vidyut will protect her and also the people helping her. Ballu tells Neela that he is going to deliver the message video personally. Neil asks Ballu not to go, he can do this work.

Ballu learns that Ragini Pandit is taken for interrogation. He decides to send Neil with the video. He doesn’t want Neil to get caught. He asks Neil to do this big task and then secure his place in their team. Ragini Pandit gets interrogated. Neil hurries to meet Avni and know Ragini Pandit’s plans. He informs DD about his move. Jailer tells Avni that Vidyut’s man will be meeting her and no one should know about it. She secures the meet, being unaware that Neil is coming in disguise. Neil fools the jailer.

Neil meets Avni and reminds their love vows. She gets happy to see him fine. They have cute moments. She beats him for troubling her by hiding all the matters. She asks him why did he take risk. He asks her why did she take the risk by breaking the prison. She tells him that she has escaped to save his life from Vidyut. He tells her that he has taken disguise to help Neela.

He promises to save Neela. He tells Avni that she shouldn’t escape from the jail now. She asks him not to cheat her again. She tells him how Ragini Pandit is compelling her to break the prison. He tells her about Vidyut going for some surgery. He plans to expose Vidyut. He shows Neela’s video to Avni. Avni realizes Neela is trying to convey her message by sign language. Avni and Neil realize Neela wants to tell them about Mishti. They get happy knowing Mishti is fine.


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