Sudha to doubt on Anami’s big lie in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Anami maintains her lie that her foster parents are no more in the world, but they are alive for her. She tells Satrupa that she won’t let the puja happen, her parents are always with her. Satrupa apologizes for hurting her heart. Sudha doubts Anami is hiding something. Anami tells Satrupa that she is also sorry to misunderstand her intentions. Anami’s changed behavior surprises all. Sudha tries to ask Lakshya about his parents. She praises him for cleverly hiding his real emotions. She asks him more about his parents’ death.

Lakshya runs away to Anami. Anami tells everyone that Lakshya is in trauma over their parents’ death. Satrupa feels sorry for them. Anami reveals to Poonam that her parents are alive. She explains her motives of returning to Lal Mahal. She wants to ruin Satrupa and take revenge for her parents’ wounds. She asks Poonam to look after her brother in her absence. Poonam promises to always support her.

Adhiraj helps Anami’s foster parents. He ensures their security and needs are fulfilled. Murari gets thankful to him. Adhiraj plans to meet Anami. He fears about Satrupa’s reaction on knowing his involvement in Anami’s runaway. Anami learns that Adhiraj has safely arranged his parents’ stay. Satrupa gets a new chance to humiliate Sudha. She does charity and insults Sudha. Sudha asks her to rectify her mistakes to wash off her sins. Satrupa and Sudha have an argument. Sudha blesses Satrupa to have enough strength to lose Anami forever. Sudha tries to influence Lakshya to find out the truth.


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