TGI Friday’s Spoilers


Piyaa Albela: Pooja lies to the family that Chandrika is her mum. She involves Satish in the plan. She makes him lie to Harish and Supriya. She doesn’t want Naren’s heart to break. Everyone gets angry on Satish for hiding such a big thing. Supriya asks Pooja to leave from the house. Harish tells them that his house has no place for a dancer’s daughter. He decides to throw out Pooja from the house. Satish begs him not to do this. Naren takes a stand for Pooja. He tells Harish that he will not leave Pooja, they can’t insult Pooja like this, he won’t stay with them in such a house where his wife is not respected. He decides to leave his family.

Laado 2 and Dil Se Dil Tak:
Anushka fails to prove her stand right in the court. She gets help from Teni, who reaches the court with the evidence CD. Teni tells her that she has got the proof against Jhanvi’s murderers. She tells Anushka that she will support her in her fight for justice. Rantej plans to kidnap Teni. Teni falls in trouble. She gets close to meet with an accident. Anushka saves her. Teni gives her the CD. Anushka gets upset that the CD got damaged. Anushka learns Rantej has murdered Jhanvi. Amma ji proves Yuvraaj wrong. She tells Anushka that she wanted to show this truth to her.



Sunehri recovers from the attack. She helps Avni. She tells Avni that she can get a chance to run away from the jail. Avni spies on the jailer. They try to listen to jailer’s conversation. Sunehri says we will run away soon. Avni decides to stay back. She tells Sunehri that she can’t escape, she doesn’t want to put Neil in a problem. She says there is always a way, we always try to get shortcuts and commit mistakes. She changes her perception, since she learnt Neil’s truth. She asks Sunehri to inform DD that Neil and Neela are in danger.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Vijay and Bulbul come close. They have a moment. Bulbul expects their relation to get fine. Vijay feels guilty because of Mandira. Vijay tells her that he trusts her. He loves Bulbul. Vijay tries to involve his family members in political party. His brother doesn’t agree to him. He asks Vijay to keep him away from politics. Bulbul tries to help out Vijay.


Simar and Mata ji get angry on Pari. They slap Pari, when she tells them that Piyush is dead. Simar tells Pari that she has a hope that her son is alive, he will come back home. Pari asks her to leave the false hope, it will hurt her more. Mata ji asks Pari how can she say this, being a mother. She asks did you not understand Simar’s pain, are you stone-hearted. Simar tells them that Piyush will surely come back. She tries to find out Piyush. Mata ji tells them that she will come along to find Piyush. Prem stops Mata ji. He asks her to rest at home, she can get unwell. Prem and Simar go to find Piyush. Simar promises to get Piyush home.


Anchal reaches the construction site to find Kabir. She meets Ranvir there. Ranvir plays music and welcomes her. Anchal learns Ranvir is obsessed with her. Ranvir confesses his love to Anchal. He tells her that he can’t live without her. She tries to run away. He asks her not to leave him. She asks him to kill her if he really loves her. He tells her that he can’t hurt her, he can’t tolerate her pain. She is shocked knowing Ranvir’s truth. She asks him how could he harm his brother. She learns his true colours. She threatens of calling police.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Diya’s family keeps Ganpati puja. Pandit asks them to keep one day fast to pray for Diya’s happy married life. Ratan tells pandit that he has taken all the responsibility of Diya’s marriage, so he will keep the fast as well. He forwards his hand and gets the thread tied. He doesn’t know about the tough task. He sounds happy. He doesn’t listen to Kakimaa and Kakasa. Diya laughs on Ratan. She tells Ratan that he has sworn to keep the fast for the whole day. He tells them that he doesn’t believe in such rituals, he won’t keep the ritual and won’t let them do this. Pandit tells him that its a tradition, someone else can do this if not him.

YHM and Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

Ishita takes Shanno’s identity to protect Raman. She wants to keep a watch on his diet and stop Simmi from drugging Raman. She wants to expose Simmi and Parmeet. She comes to Bhalla house with new avatar. Anami lands back in Lal Mahal to avenge Satrupa. She gets mistaken that Satrupa has planned the attack on her foster family. She doesn’t know Sudha is the mastermind behind the attack. Anami wants to ruin Satrupa’s kingdom. Anami leaves behind all her fears and vows to take down Satrupa.

Tu Aashiqui:
JD apologizes to Pankti. He tells her that he wants to end their old relation. He asks her to get tea. She worries. He tells her that she can live with Ahaan without any fear. JD tells Ahaan that they can live happily forever, but Ahaan should be away till marriage happens. He sends Ahaan. He tells Pankti that he has accepted her as his bahu. He tries to win Ahaan and Pankti’s trust.


Naira learns that a dancer Sahil has drunk the wrong medicine. He loses senses and does a filmi drama. He calls for his lover, who isn’t there. Naira doesn’t want her dance event to get spoiled. Naira explains Sahil to get down. Kartik meets Naira and tells her that he has seen her in tension and came to check. He sees Sahil’s madness. He asks him to get down, he will get hurt if he falls. She asks him to go office for the meeting. He refuses. She doesn’t know about the family getting against her.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:

Tara attempts suicide. She jumps down the terrace and gets injured. Deep feels guilty. He didn’t know Tara will really jump down. Tara’s mum asks him not to blame himself, its not his fault, he has done a lot to protect Tara. They worry for Tara’s madness. Tara’s mum tells Deep that Tara can get back to kill people. Deep worries that Aarohi can come back to take revenge.


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