Ishqbaaz: Rudra to get suspicious of Veer

Ishqbaaz: Rudra challenges Shivay's mental strength

Shivay assures Anika that he will protect himself and entire family, no matter what happens. He calms her fears. Shwetlana tells Veer that Shivay’s brothers are his weakness, while Anika is his biggest strength. She wants to plot something big. Veer asks her to share the plan. Shwetlana shares her perfect plan to separate Shivay and Anika. Dadi brings happiness in Lohri celebration. Everyone enjoys the Lohri song. Dadi tells them the rituals and significance. They like Dadi’s presence and guidance. Dadi gets happy when her bahus value her so much. Dadi succeeds in explaining them the importance of elders. She is sure that her bahus will make the family bond unbreakable. Shivay gets informed by police that Komal’s dead body isn’t recovered till now. Anika gets scared.

Veer keeps Komal’s body in his outhouse. Shwetlana worries that he can get caught. He tells her that none can enter his outhouse. He wants Anika at any cost. He asks her to workout her plan soon.

Veer meets the Oberois. Shivay introduces Dadi to him. Bhavya teases Rudra by praising Veer in front of him. Gauri asks Bhavya not to hurt Rudra’s heart like this. Bhavya tells them that she is settling scores with Rudra, as he always sees other girls when she is around. Rudra apologizes for his flirty nature. Bhavya gets on comparing Veer and Rudra. Rudra gets provoked and jokes on Veer. Veer gets angered. He stays calm in front of Shivay and Anika. Rudra apologizes for his behavior.

Shivay gets upset with Rudra. Anika takes Rudra’s side and finds a chance to argue with Shivay. Rudra and Bhavya seek help from Veer. They ask for some wood logs. Veer asks them to do arrangements from somewhere else. Veer doesn’t let Rudra enter his house, which makes the latter doubtful. Lohri celebrations begin. Shivay and Anika become part of the function. Veer becomes part of the function, while Rudra gets to see Komal’s corpse.


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