Ragini Pandit to plot another vicious act in Naamkarann

Avni in Naamkarann

Neil and Avni decode Neela’s message and realize Mishti is alive. Avni gets worried for Mishti. She wants to find Mishti. Neil calms her down. He tells her that he will find Mishti and pass this tough test of life. He asks her not to make any mistake of getting against him. He asks her to support him against their enemies. Avni promises of not breaking the law and hurting him. DD plans Ragini Pandit’s interrogation to ease out Neil and Avni’s meet. Neil then visits the police station and gets to see her interrogation.

Ragini Pandit refuses to leave her crime world. She wants to protect Vidyut. She tells DD that Vidyut can do anything for her freedom. She doesn’t admit any crime. Neil tells the commissioner that he will save Neela and Mishti from Vidyut’s men. He gets tensed about Avni’s future. Neil has a narrow escape from an accident. Neil reaches Ballu and gets on fooling him to know about Neela and Mishti. Ballu gets influenced by Neil’s sugary words. Neil fulfills Ballu’s commands and impresses him. Neil does arrangements to tackle Ballu.

Neil gets a tour of the house. He learns Ballu has caged someone in the secret chamber. Neil realizes Neela and Mishti’s locations. He gets the back entrance keys from Ballu. Neil rescues Neela and Mishti. Ballu learns Neil’s identity and planning. Ragini Pandit returns to the jail with an intention to harm Avni. She doesn’t want Vidyut to marry Avni. Avni waits for Neil’s message. Ragini Pandit frames Avni with wrong allegations. She plots to get Avni killed in the jail.


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