Preeto and Harman to protect Soumya in Shakti


Harman and Preeto learn Soumya is getting threatened by Maharani. They ask Soumya why did she not tell them, if she told them the truth, this would have not happened. Soumya tells them that Mohini has teamed up with Maharani. Harman tells Soumya that Rani is missing. Preeto asks him how does Maharani know about Harak’s condition for Soumya. Harman asks Soumya to understand the big game played against her, someone is trying to take revenge. Preeto asks Harman what will he do now. Soumya didn’t wish to involve Harman in the problem. She apologizes for hiding the matter.

She says I was scared that you would do anything in anger. Preeto explains her that Harman’s anger is justified. Soumya tells them how Maharani is threatening her about Harman’s life, and she has seen the attacks happening too.

Preeto believes Harman will manage everything. Preeto asks Harman how does Maharani know their family matters, it means Mohini is really informing Maharani. Soumya’s doubt on Mohini gets firm. Preeto and Harman find the broken links to understand Maharani’s plans. They assure Soumya that they will tackle Maharani. Preeto prays for Harman’s safety. Harman asks Preeto not to worry for him, as he has her blessings to protect him from any calamity.


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