Ratan to plan Diya’s makeover in Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya


Diya’s mehendi ceremony gets both families involved. Kesar Mahal members are also happy for Diya’s new beginning. Ratan loses confidence after Abhay plays a prank on him. Ratan gets concerned for Diya. He doesn’t want Abhay to hurt Diya. He doubts that Abhay is up to something. He wants Abhay and Diya to happily marry. Diya gets Abhay’s mehendi in her hands. Ratan asks the wedding planner Tanvi to dress a beautiful dress for Diya’s marriage. He wants Diya to get a pretty makeover, so that Abhay gets pleased.

Ratan and Tanvi get friendly. She respects his feelings for Diya. He tells Tanvi that his tension is getting high, he doesn’t want Abhay to back out from marriage. Ratan finds hard to keep the fast. He feels hungry. Tanvi asks him to have a drink. Ratan gets drunk. He then recalls the fast. His fast breaks. He tells Yash that he has broken the fast by mistake. Ratan gets busy in fulfilling Diya’s demands.


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