Ahaan to believe JD’s positive change in Tu Aashiqui


Ahaan is very happy to get engaged. He dances and express his happiness. Everyone gets happy seeing Ahaan’s excitement. The family does the preparation. Ahaan takes help from Poorva to decide his attire. Poorva meets Pankti and congratulates her. Pankti shares her fear about Anita. Poorva asks her not to worry with negative thoughts. Pankti has fear that something will go wrong. Poorva asks her to look forward to her dreams getting true. She helps Pankti get ready for the engagement.

Ahaan makes Pankti and everyone dance on his tunes. The family shakes a leg with Ahaan. Ahaan’s love for Pankti gets witnessed by the family. JD blesses them. Ahaan is happy to have a positive JD in his life. JD gifts a necklace to Pankti. He asks Ahaan to make Pankti wear the necklace. Ahaan believes JD has really changed. He wants his family to stay happy and united. Poorva too get gifts for Pankti. Anita makes an appearance to ruin their happy ambiance.


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