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    YRKKH: Manish apologizes to Naitik. He feels Naira has handled the matter with much maturity, but he didn’t do his duty to protect her esteem. He feels he has done wrong to witness Dadi’s wrong doings and stay silent. He asks Naitik and Naira to forgive him and his family. He asks Naitik to punish them if he wants. Naitik asks Manish for an assurance that they won’t do wrong with Naira. Manish promises to look after Naira. Naitik tells Dadi that he won’t tolerate any injustice done with Naira. Dadi surprises all by apologizing to Naitik and Naira. She tells them that she has done a mistake by not understanding Naira.


    Ballu gets to see Neil in disguise and attacks. Neil manages to flee with Neela and Mishti. Ballu informs Ragini Pandit about Neil’s planning. She gets enraged. She asks Ballu how could he lose Neil. She realizes Avni was not planning to escape because of Neil’s ongoing plan. She asks Jailer to punish Avni. Jailer comes up with a plan to frame Avni in front of the prisoners. She punishes Avni for attempting to break the prison again. Ragini Pandit tells Avni that she will kill Avni in the jail and also prepare to kill Neil, Neela and Mishti. She lies to Avni that Neil didn’t succeed to save Neela. Avni worries for Neil.


    Shivay and Anika have some romantic moments. He ends her fears related to Lohri. He asks Anika not to have annoyance during celebrations. Dadi and Gauri help Shivay win his wife’s heart. Rudra tells Bhavya that Veer would have lied to them about the pile of wood. He tells Bhavya that they should check Veer’s outhouse once. Veer graces Oberois’ Lohri. He waits for Anika’s reaction on seeing him. Shivay welcomes Veer. Rudra and Bhavya find the wood logs and think Veer lied to them by annoyance over Rudra’s mischief. Bhavya defends Veer and turns Rudra jealous. Rudra wants to prove his strength. He challenges that he would break the lock and enter the outhouse.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Rehaan tells Ahana how he has lost his best friend. He convinces her to give a chance to her life for his sake. He asks Ahana to value life and give herself a chance too. Ahana agrees to him. They get emotional. Rehaan gets Ahana to some random bungalow. She asks him if he is sure that its his friend’s house. He worriedly looks for a way. He enters via the window and guides her. He shows her the bungalow, with lack of knowledge. Ahana starts evaluating the house’s interiors to know the spots requiring a change. Rehaan likes to spend time with her. He gets glad finding her happy and engaged. Ahana doesn’t know Rehaan is admiring her secretly.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Anami and Adhiraj plan a meet. They both feel the new love stepping in their hearts. They happily get ready and look forward to meet. Poonam tells Anami that Adhiraj has called, he is coming to meet her. Anami grooms herself. Adhiraj arrives at Lal Mahal. Satrupa stops Adhiraj from entering Lal Mahal. She scolds him for helping Anami flee. Adhiraj denies the blames. Satrupa forces her allegations on him. He defends himself. He tells her that he was just protecting Anami, as her family’s life was in danger.


    Ishita takes care of Ashok. He asks her to go back to Bhalla house, as Raman is too restless to meet her. Ishita lands back at home. Simmi assigns her much work. Ishita finishes off the work. She takes care of Raman and feeds him while talking about Ishita. She asks him not to meet Ishita, she isn’t good, she doesn’t value him. Simmi likes Shanno for influencing Raman against Ishita. Ishita wins Simmi’s trust by taking her side. She tells Simmi how Ishita has made her brother lose job at Ashok’s place. Simmi likes Shanno’s company.


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