Party twist: Diya and Ratan to have a row in Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya


Ratan throws a party for Abhay and Diya. He wants to bring romance in their lives. He celebrates their bachelors’ party. Abhay waits for Diya. He gets praising Diya. Ratan tells Abhay that he has gifted a dress to Diya, she would be looking very pretty today, she will need much time to get ready, she will look a teenager today. Diya arrives in the party. Diya doesn’t wear Ratan’s gifted dress. She wears a traditional dress. Abhay compliments Diya. Ratan gets upset. Diya feels Abhay likes her the way she is, he will accept her.

Diya and Abhay dance together. Diya feels uncomfortable to dance. Abhay doesn’t insist her. Ratan dances with Tanvi. Ratan pushes Diya so that she gets close to Abhay. Diya gets angry on Ratan. Ratan too vents out his anger on Diya. He says I have thrown this party to get you out of your shell. She asks him who asked him to do all this, he is making a mistake and then he is holding her responsible. He says you are just 30 year old, but behave like an 80 year old woman, you don’t care for someone’s feelings.

He feels he has done a big mistake by calling her in the party. She asks him to grow up first, since she never said she is unhappy and needed his help. She asks Ratan will he manage his family legacy with such immaturity. Diya scolds him in front of everyone. Ratan gets frustrated. She asks him to not do anything for her again. Ratan tells her that he has done a lot for her as he considered her a friend, but now he won’t do anything. He promises that he won’t come in her marriage. Diya angrily leaves from the party. Abhay tries to comfort Diya.


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