Raman to plot a love confession in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman asks the NGO women to stop the protest

Ishita takes care of Ashok. He asks her to go back to Bhalla house, as Raman is too restless to meet her. Ishita lands back at home. Simmi assigns her much work. Ishita finishes off the work. She takes care of Raman and feeds him while talking about Ishita. She asks him not to meet Ishita, she isn’t good, she doesn’t value him. Simmi likes Shanno for influencing Raman against Ishita. Ishita wins Simmi’s trust by taking her side. She tells Simmi how Ishita has made her brother lose job at Ashok’s place. Simmi likes Shanno’s company.

Raman thinks Ishita will come to the office to sign the papers. He shares his smartness with Shanno. He tells his plan to call Ishita at his office. Ishita learns Ashok may not be able to sign the legal documents. She gets helpless to lock Raman inside the bathroom. She tries to leave from the house, but gets engaged in work. She takes help from Shagun.

Shagun helps Ishita change her getup again. Ishita reaches Raman’s office to sign the papers, without facing him at the office. Romi helps Raman come out of the bathroom. Raman tells him that he has to urgently reach the office. He hurries for office. Ishita signs the papers. Shagun informs her that Raman has reached the office too. Ishita hurries to leave. Adi takes her advice on the business matters. Ishita finalizes few things and sends off Adi. She tries to avoid Raman.

Raman looks for Ishita at office. He learns she had come to office to sign the papers. Raman finds Ishita leaving. He feels sorry to come late and miss Ishita. Romi realizes Raman’s love developing for Ishita again. Raman tells Romi that he wants to spend time with Ishita, he gets mad in her absence. Romi feels Raman and Ishita are made for each other. He suggests Raman to invite Ishita in Lohri party. He asks Raman to try and confess love to Ishita. He encourages Raman. Raman agrees to confess love to Ishita. Raman sends an invitation to Ishita, to which she refuses. Raman badly misses her.


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