Anami to learn about Adhiraj’s arrest in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh

anami and Adhiraj

Dheeru learns about Satrupa’s allegations on Adhiraj. He loses his cool when it comes on Adhiraj’s honor and happiness. He doesn’t want Satrupa to win it all. He tells Adhiraj that their silence is making someone take advantage of them. He wants to show Satrupa that he isn’t weak. He tells Adhiraj that he won’t let history repeat itself. He says I will not leave Lal Mahal, if they target my family. He tells Adhiraj that he knows Lal Mahal’s weaknesses and this time he will shatter them. Adhiraj calms him down. He asks him not to take any action impulsively. Dheeru tells him that this is the reason why he always kept his children away from Lal Mahal. Adhiraj assures Dheeru that he won’t let anyone snatch his honor.

Pujan tells Dada ji that Avdhoot is going abroad for further studies. He wants to make Avdhoot capable of handling the business. Anami communicates with Adhiraj to know if he is in some problem. Adhiraj tells her that he was busy in work.

Adhiraj gets another shock when he gets arrested. Satrupa tells Dadi that Anami is behaving weird. She worries for Anami’s changed behavior. Dadi asks her to take this as a positive thing. Adhiraj asks Tania not to worry for him, he would be back home soon. She worries for him and strives to inform Dheeru.

Dheeru learns about Adhiraj’s arrest. He vows to take revenge from Satrupa. Anami learns about Adhiraj’s arrest. She tries to know the reason. She knows Adhiraj is innocent. Satrupa doesn’t want Adhiraj to get spared. She wants Adhiraj to pay for his mistake. Dadi asks her not to be so harsh on Adhiraj. Baldev’s health gets unstable. Sudha stays on his side to care for him, while Satrupa leaves for an important meeting. Sudha gets a chance to enter his life again. Anami meets Adhiraj in the police station. She learns Satrupa has framed Adhiraj. Dheeru determines to tackle Satrupa.


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