Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman receives a bundle a joy

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Huge twists with a new Raman

Ishita gets Raman’s invite. Raman tells Ishita that he misses her. He invites her for Lohri function. He tells her that he is waiting to meet her. Ishita tells him that she can’t come, as she has also planned a Lohri party. Raman asks her to please grace their Lohri function. Ishita apologizes to him. Raman feels sad. Raman keeps requesting her. Romi asks Raman to keep trying till Ishita agrees. Ishita thinks its impossible to meet Raman. Shagun asks her to find some way. Ishita works at Bhalla house. She talks to Raman. He shares his worries with her. He tells her that his mood isn’t good because Ishita has turned down his invitation. She speaks against herself to make him praise her. Raman defends Ishita.

He tells her that he wishes if he could meet Ishita once. Raman’s wish touches her heart. She determines to become part of the event by any possible way. Raman keeps his hope and waits for Ishita. Shagun helps Ishita in fulfilling Raman’s wish. Ishita wants to meet Raman for his happiness. She dislikes his upset face.

Shagun asks Ishita to be stress free while meeting Raman. She tells her plan to keep Simmi and Parmeet way. She engages everyone and sends Raman to meet Ishita. Raman gets too happy when he gets to meet Ishita. He doesn’t ask her about the masked look. She tells him that she likes the mask and has worn it. Raman insists her to dance with him. They have a celebration dance. Ishita gives bundles of joy to Raman. He doesn’t want her to go away. Simmi gets curious to know about Raman. Shagun helps Ishita leave. Simmi learns Raman was dancing with Ishita.



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