IshRa to meet during Lohri celebrations in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Big twists to shatter IshRa's bond

Raman anxiously waits for Ishita. Bhallas plan a Lohri function. Mrs. Bhalla gets glad when her husband gifts her a beautiful necklace. She shows off her necklace to everyone and tells them that her husband loves her a lot. She asks Romi about dhol group. Romi tells them that they will play dhol and dance after the puja. Shagun asks them if there is any mahurat. The elders allow them to dance and enjoy. Shagun dances with everyone. She diverts their attention. Shagun asks Raman is he waiting for someone. Raman says someone is going to come. Ishita gets ready to meet Raman and fulfill his wish.

Shagun asks him to go towards the gate and wait, as he won’t find his guest in the crowd. Raman wishes Ishita comes in the Lohri celebrations. He thanks Shagun. He doesn’t enjoy the function. The family calls him. Raman gets a surprise when Ishita arrives there.

Ishita meets Raman, while hiding her face by a mask. She celebrates Lohri with Raman. Shagun doesn’t let Simmi see Raman with Ishita. Simmi finds Raman dancing and wonders if he is dancing alone. She tells Shagun that she will just go and see Raman. Shagun stops Simmi. Mani pulls Shagun for the dance. Simmi tries to reach Raman. Shagun attempts to alert Ishita, so that she leaves before Simmi sees her. Ishita and Raman spend some good moments during the celebrations. Shagun whistles to alert Ishita. Ishita sees Simmi and tells Raman that she will meet him later. Will she escape in time? Keep reading.


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