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    Ishqbaaz: Rudra asks the family to believe him. He has much belief in Shivay. He tells everyone that Shivay would trust him without asking for any proof. He asks Shivay to tell them that he really trusts him. Shivay asks Rudra to forget everything and celebrate Lohri. Rudra asks Shivay if he is thinking this as some joke. Shivay tries to relieve Rudra and Anika. He tells them that they should celebrate. He hides his secret planning from everyone. He doesn’t want the culprit to get alert. He secretly calls the police. The family celebrates Lohri, while Rudra stays tensed about the frightening sight.


    Singhanias miss Akshara. They help Kirti know Naksh’s likes and dislikes. Kirti plans a surprise for Naksh. She orders chinese food for him. He asks her why didn’t she order food for the family. He asks Kirti to think of his family before him. He asks her to win everyone by her love. Kirti promises to pay them more respect. Naksh apologizes to her. Kirti tells Naksh that she didn’t wish to hurt him. He tells her that he also has to value her feelings. Baisa sees Naksh dining with Kirti and gets upset.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Dheeru learns about Satrupa’s allegations on Adhiraj. He loses his cool when it comes on Adhiraj’s honor and happiness. He doesn’t want Satrupa to win it all. He tells Adhiraj that their silence is making someone take advantage of them. He wants to show Satrupa that he isn’t weak. He tells Adhiraj that he won’t let history repeat itself. He says I will not leave Lal Mahal, if they target my family. He tells Adhiraj that he knows Lal Mahal’s weaknesses and this time he will shatter them. Adhiraj calms him down. He asks him not to take any action impulsively. Dheeru tells him that this is the reason why he always kept his children away from Lal Mahal. Adhiraj assures Dheeru that he won’t let anyone snatch his honor.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Ahana gets inspired by Rehaan. She tries to connect with Anant again. She calls Anant for a talk. Roshni intervenes between them. She takes revenge from Ahana by making her distant from Ahana. Ahana thinks Anant doesn’t want to talk to her. She feels Anant doesn’t have trust on her love anymore. She gets depressed. Rehaan tries to cheer her up. Rehaan sings a romantic song for her at the restaurant. He tells everyone that Ahana is his friend and his song is just to strengthen their friendship. Ahana thinks of Anant and sheds tears. All her sorrow surfaces. Ahana leaves from the restaurant. She gets driven by a burst of emotions. She tries to commit suicide once again.


    Ishita gets Raman’s invite. Raman tells Ishita that he misses her. He invites her for Lohri function. He tells her that he is waiting to meet her. Ishita tells him that she can’t come, as she has also planned a Lohri party. Raman asks her to please grace their Lohri function. Ishita apologizes to him. Raman feels sad. Raman keeps requesting her. Romi asks Raman to keep trying till Ishita agrees. Ishita thinks its impossible to meet Raman. Shagun asks her to find some way. Ishita works at Bhalla house. She talks to Raman. He shares his worries with her.


    Vidyut cheats Neil to get him under control. He tells Neil that a villain always complete his fight by a cheat. He asks Neil to face his army now. Vidyut gets Neil tortured by his men. Neela asks Vidyut to leave Neil. She threatens Vidyut that she will run away with Mishti if he doesn’t spare Neil’s life. She asks Vidyut to think for his daughter. Vidyut agrees to leave Neil. Neela tells Vidyut that she knows about his illegal kidney transplant, which can’t get completed without Mishti. She scolds Vidyut for having ill motives. She asks him how can he use Mishti to save his life. Vidyut asks Neela to give away Mishti and save Neil’s life. Neil asks Neela not to listen to Vidyut. Neela agrees to send Mishti to Vidyut. She can’t see Neil dying.


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