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Dil Se Dil Tak:
Parth is restless. He wants to find Shorvori at ant cost. The cafe owner sees Shorvori’s photo and identifies her. He tells Parth that Shorvori just left, he will call him when she comes again. He calls Parth when Shorvori visits the cafe. Parth and Teni reach there. They miss to see Shorvori. The man tells them that Shorvori was just here, he couldn’t stop her, they got late. Parth runs out to find Shorvori. Parth vents out anger on Teni, who is responsible for their late arrival. He blames Teni for missing out Shorvori. Teni gets upset.


Leela demands a hefty dowry for accepting Susheel. She asks Susheel’s family to give her precious things that fill a pot of Susheel’s height. Susheel and her family worry for fulfilling Leela’s demand. Leela gets surprised when Susheel’s family get the huge pot to her house to give dowry, and Susheel pops out of the pot. Susheel tells Leela that she is the most precious one for her family. She voids Leela’s demands by her smartness. Susheel has her family on her side.


Sasural Simar Ka:
Avni holds a liking for Piyush. She cares for him. She gets helpless by her mother’s planning. She doesn’t want Piyush to get hurt. Avni does her best to comfort Piyush. He asks her how does she know that he needs her. She says when a someone needs a friend, Lord helps them meet. He asks did Lord send you to me. He shows Roshni’s pic to her. He asks her never to leave him. She asks him to sleep, she won’t go anywhere. She feels she can’t heal his wound, but she can try at least. She gets sad seeing his sorrow.

Chakor raises a voice for justice once again. Chakor doesn’t deter from her path. She gets the support from entire villagers. She wants to defeat Imli, knowing that’s the only way to end her evil rule. The villagers idealize Chakor. Imli can sense her defeat. She starts planning something to fail Chakor. The villagers get out of Imli’s clutches. Ranvijay asks Imli to stop the mad villagers from going on Chakor’s side. He tells her that the competition is getting serious and they can’t sit enjoying the game.

Jiji Maa:
Dr. Bajaj meets Niyati as Naveen. He lies to her about Vidhaan. He helps Uttara in proving Niyati mentally unstable. He compels Falguni to admit Niyati in the mental asylum so that she can get fine soon. Uttara too emotionally blackmails Falguni. Falguni sends Niyati to the asylum, where the latetr gets tortured. Uttara asks Dr. Bajaj to make sure that Niyati loses her mental stability forever. He suggests the shock treatment. Niyati pleads that she is mentally fine. Nobody believes her. Dr. Thomas checks Niyati and declares her mentally fine. Falguni learns the truth and rushes to save Niyati from Dr. Bajaj.

She seeks help from Zeenat. Dr. Thomas scolds Dr. Bajaj for selling his medical knowledge for money. Falguni learns Uttara’s evil intentions. She gets Niyati home and tries to normalize the things. Uttara gets upset when she knows about Niyati’s freedom from the asylum. Falguni, Suyash and Dimpy try to make Niyati smile. Falguni didn’t know Niyati’s relation with Vidhaan will cost so much. She throws a birthday party for Niyati and invites everyone. Uttara makes excuses to avoid Falguni and Niyati. She plans a trip to Singapore. She finds hard to accept her defeat by Falguni.

Ek Deewana Tha:

Sharanya gets drunk. She tells Rajan that champagne really does miracles. He wonders what happened to her. Sharanya is acting drunk to know Vyom’s truth. Sharanya spends time with Shiv. Shiv gets to see the car which was around on his murder site. Sharanya wants to expose Vyom. Vyom stops Madhavi from revealing his truth. Shiv prays for Sharanya’s safety. Shiv loves her truly.


Shivay is denied an entry in the temple, even when he tells the guard who he is. Guard asks him to stand in the queue and wait like others. Shivay’s name and power don’t help him. He gets sad thinking of his life changing. Dadi guides Shivay. She tells him that he has to make a new start, irrespective of his name, money and power. She says money leaves a person at some time in life, and this is the phase where a person should follow Maryada Purushottam Ram’s footsteps. She asks him to forget his pride. Shivay leaves his name and family influence behind to have a humble beginning. Shivay and Anika walk on a new journey.


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