Avni-Neil to relish the second innings in Naamkarann


Neil instigates Vidyut and his mum. Vidyut and Ragini Pandit have an argument and confess their crimes. Vidyut gets exposed, and his MLA seat gets snatched from him. Avni’s truth comes out. Neil proves Avni’s innocence. He reaches the hospital in a disguise. He kidnaps her and gets her home in a unique way. Neil mocks a kidnapping and plays a prank. He surprises Avni by showing their happy home. Avni asks the goon to leave her. Neil says its me, not any goon, I thought you are having an entry after a long time, so there should be some adventure. Avni asks Neil did he go mad. She scolds him for scaring her.

Neil says I just wanted some action in our life, else it will be boring. Avni tells Neil that she didn’t like his surprise. She gets too happy to come back home. She beats up Neil. He welcomes Avni. They have an emotional moment. Neil’s family welcomes Avni happily.

Avni leaves her hand prints on the wall as per a ritual. Avni’s grah pravesh happens once again. Avni couldn’t control her emotions. She thanks Neil for giving her so much happiness. Neil asks Avni not to cry. She says I m very happy, thanks for returning me my life, for fulfilling your promise. She gets glad seeing Mishti fine. Avni hugs her family members. The family blesses Neil and Avni. Shweta makes Avni wear a chunri. Bebe asks Avni to step in with swag and enter their hearts. Avni’s happy family dream finally completes.


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