High Five Spoilers

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Naamkarann: Neil instigates Vidyut and his mum. Vidyut and Ragini Pandit have an argument and confess their crimes. Vidyut gets exposed, and his MLA seat gets snatched from him. Avni’s truth comes out. Neil proves Avni’s innocence. He reaches the hospital in a disguise. He kidnaps her and gets her home in a unique way. Neil mocks a kidnapping and plays a prank. He surprises Avni by showing their happy home. Avni asks the goon to leave her. Neil says its me, not any goon, I thought you are having an entry after a long time, so there should be some adventure. Avni asks Neil did he go mad. She scolds him for scaring her.

Saam Daam Dand Bhedh:

Bulbul takes a shocking decision, after she learns Vijay and Mandira’s affair. She tells Vijay that she won’t keep a relation with her, her dad is unwell and he isn’t caring for anything. She finally learnt that Vijay loved Mandira before. She is very disturbed. She feels she is coming between Vijay and Mandira. Gayatri asks Bulbul to tell everyone the matter. Bulbul asks them to leave her alone. Her behavior shocks everyone. Bulbul gets much frustrated. She wants to get away from Vijay. Anant asks Vijay to give some time to Bulbul. He sends Mandira to pacify Bulbul. Mandira fills Bulbul’s ears further. She makes Bulbul feel guilty and leave from Vijay’s life.

Dil Se Dil Tak:
Parth and Teni visit the cafe again. They hope to find Shorvori. The cafe owner tells them that they missed Shorvori again, she has left in a hurry and left her shopping bags here. Parth and Teni see the clothes and find the store. Teni says we should go to this store and ask about Shorvori. They find a girl there, who resembles Shorvori. Parth gets dejected when the cafe owner confirms that about the other girl instead Shorvori. He apologizes to Parth and Teni, and says he was just telling them about this girl.

Nimki Mukhiya:
Nimki gets married to Babbu. After so much of drama, Nimki’s marriage gets completed. Ram Bachan does Nimki’s bidaai. Nimki meets her family. She tells them that she is finally going from her Maayka. She asks them to remember her. She doesn’t cry and asks her family members not to have a heavy heart, they can come anytime to meet her. Abhimanyu isn’t happy with Nimki’s marriage. Nimki meets Tenee and Abhimanyu. She leaves for Babbu’s haveli. She looks forward for a happy married life. Anaro plans to trouble Nimki. Anaro doesn’t want Babbu and Nimki’s love relation to form.

Aapke Aa Jaane Se:

Vedika faces the troubles of raising her daughter alone. Anurag’s old friend Gautam always had a liking for Vedika. He meets Vedika and proposes her for marriage. Sahil has also proposed Vedika for marriage. Sahil gets jealous seeing Gautam with Vedika. Sahil has expressed his feelings for Vedika. Sahil wants to know Vedika’s answer. Gautam asks Vedika to give her nod for marriage. Gautam is insecure that Sahil may win his love. He wants Vedika to accept him. Vedika gets in a dilemma over the two proposals.


Imli will become the target of Ranvijay’s anger. She tolerates his frustration as she has done a mistake. He tells her that Suraj is a cheater and they should believe Suraj again. He asks Imli why did she believe when he alerted her against Suraj. He blames her for all the overconfident blunders. He says Suraj should have killed Chakor, but Suraj has helped Chakor flee. He gets informed about Suraj and Chakor’s togetherness. He tells Imli that they should kill Suraj and Chakor. He says I have told you Chakor is lying, my words are proved true, Suraj has let Chakor go, Chakor didn’t beat him. He says Suraj is a disloyal person, but she didn’t get convinced. He always had a doubt on Suraj. Imli doesn’t show that she also some doubt on Suraj. Ranvijay and Imli have an ego clash.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Ratan tells Diya that its better if he leaves from her life. He wishes her a happy life. He says I m not like you, I have no tolerance and patience, I don’t want to create troubles for you. He makes her wear a chain as a token of love. He part ways with her. Diya goes to the altar for marrying Abhay. She misses Ratan. She doesn’t understand what made Ratan leave suddenly. Ratan packs his bags and leaves from the place. He is not aware of Abhay’s revenge plans.

Ranvir tries to threaten Anchal. He scares Anchal by showing her a car blast. Anchal worries for Kabir. She tells Ranvir that he isn’t perfect, once she gets a clue against him, she will ruin him. She gets defeated by Ranvir. She wants to do something to fail Ranvir. Even Kabir is supporting Anchal. He is also fed up of Ranvir’s madness.


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