KaiRa to undergo an unconnected span in Yeh Rishta…

Yeh Rishta: Celebrations plus Challenges for Kartik-Naira

Manish feels Kartik is no longer capable to manage the business. He tells Dadi that Kartik is losing his focus, all he wants to do is work with Naira. He removes Kartik from the deal. Naira gets hurt seeing Kartik bearing the insult. She decides to stay in Singhania house for few days, so that Kartik doesn’t get bothered about her work and focuses on business. Kartik asks Naira why didn’t she tell him that she has gone for the event rehearsals all alone. Naira tells him that she wanted to ease out things. He gets upset that she didn’t involve him. Naira sheds tears. She fails to explain him the reason behind her step. She finds tough to stay away from him.

She tells him that she will stay with Naitik till her dance event gets over. Kartik and Naira miss each other. Naitik asks Naira why is she here, is there any problem. Naira asks can’t I come home. Naira tells Naitik that there isn’t any problem. She wants Kartik to win Manish’s confidence again.

Kartik is overprotective since Naira was attacked by Raghav. He worries for Naira. Kartik leaves the project and goes to meet Naira. Manish gets more upset with him. He says Kartik just left without helping us in the project. Dadi defends Kartik. She can’t hear anything against her beloved grandson. Kartik comes back and says I will never skip my work, I m not irresponsible, I just went to get work files.

Manish and Dadi get glad. Kartik tells them that he would sincerely help Naira and work in office, he won’t cheat anyone by his carelessness. Kartik has to prove that he can do any work and balance his life well. He wants to involve Aryan in the office. He is stressed about attending Naira’s dance event. Dadi tries to make Kirti against Naira. Bhabhimaa hears their conversation on another line. She learns Dadi’s planning and dislike against Naira. Singhanias get troubled by Dadi again.

Kartik prepares for his important meeting. Dadi blesses him. She wants everything to go well. Kartik promises to get success for the family. Singhanias meditate along with Naira. They want Naira and Kartik’s relation to get fine. Naira hides Dadi’s annoyance from her family. Singhanias try to cheer up Naira. Baisa wants the family to meditate and get peace at heart.


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