Piyush and Avni to strongly bond in Sasural Simar Ka


Piyush and Avni play a hide and seek game. He finds Avni. He asks Avni to count down and find him. Avni asks him to hide in storeroom. He enters the storeroom and gets to see family pictures. Piyush gets disturbed when he sees Roshni and his marriage pictures. He recalls the moment when he lost Roshni. He cries for Roshni. He doesn’t know his relation with Roshni. The dilemma continues. Avni gets worried for him and calls the family. The family sees Piyush’s critical state. Prem and Simar try to relieve Piyush.

Avni asks Piyush to calm down. She looks after Piyush. Avni connects with his innocence. She requests Pari to make orange juice for her. Pari gets angry on her. Pari asks Avni will she order her now. Avni clarifies that she didn’t mean to order. Mata ji supports and encourages Avni.

Avni doesn’t let any argument happen. She tells Mata ji that its her fault, she has made Pari upset. Mata ji makes Pari help Avni. She says Avni has saved Piyush’s life, she did a big favor on us, we have to make sure she is fine and happy here. Pari blames Avni for eyeing Piyush’s property. Piyush takes a stand for Avni. He tells Pari that Avni is his friend, she can’t do anything wrong with him, he totally trusts Avni. Avni gets glad.


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