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    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara: Rehaan finds Roshni angry at the happenings. Rehaan asks Roshni how did this happen that Laila is staying with them. He asks what made Anant decide this. Roshni gets anger out of Rehaan. She recalls how Anant has chosen to fulfill his responsibility towards Ahana, by making Laila stay with them. Roshni opposes Ahana, while Anant reprimands her for spoiling Ahana and his relation. Anant clears to Roshni that he wants to make his relation with Ahana better. He understands Roshni’s dislike growing for Ahana. Laila gets Ahana’s attention, love and care.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Anami demands Adhiraj to answer her about his arrest. She wants to know how he has fallen in a big trouble. Adhiraj refuses to tell her anything. He doesn’t want Anami to get more upset. He knows her pain very well. He hides about Satrupa’s revenge. Dheeru gets Adhiraj released on bail. Anami gets to meet Dheeru and learns Adhiraj is Dheeru’s son. Dheeru assures Adhiraj that none can harm him. He swears to destroy Lal Mahal. Dheeru tells Anami that Satrupa has framed his son, and she is the reason behind everything. Anami feels guilty. Dheeru tells Anami how Lal Mahal has back stabbed Adhiraj, when he was just helping her.


    Jailer tries to fool Neil into believing that Avni has really run away from the jail. Neil gets worried for Avni. Neela blames herself for failing to be a good mum for Avni. Bebe tells Neela that she is the best mum Avni could get. She encourages Neela. She tells Neela that she is Avni’s strength, she completes Avni’s life. Neil learns the shoot at sight order against Avni and asks jailer not to dare do anything against Avni. He doesn’t want anyone to harm Avni. He asks jailer to fulfill his order and summon Ragini Pandit. Jailer insults him for defending a criminal. Neil wants to find Avni before anyone else. He tells DD that his heart is signing him about Avni, and he believes she is in the jail. He decides to thoroughly check the jail to find any clue. He doesn’t get convinced by jailer’s drama.


    Dadi learns the entire incident. She consoles Anika. She asks her bahus not to have any grief. She tells them about Makar Sankranti. She wants to see a rocking kite flying competition. She tells them that there will be love in the air. She relates love and marriage with a kite flight. She tells them that they should enjoy this festival. She asks her grandsons to compete kite flying with the neighborhood. Shivay tells them that Omkara is arriving tomorrow. He agrees to fulfill Dadi’s wish. Rudra doesn’t let Shivay tell anything. He boasts that Obros can fly a kite really well.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Simmi fails to see Ishita with Raman. Ishita gets alerted by Shagun. She manages to escape and takes the disguise of Shanno again. Raman tells Simmi that he was dancing with Ishita, who had really come on his invitation. He tells them that Ishita was in hurry and left soon. Simmi gets angered when she learns Ishita is playing a game with her. Ruhi gets afraid seeing the fire and recalls Nikhil. Ishita finds Ruhi in trouble. She tries to meet Ruhi and know her fears. Ruhi gets threatened by Nikhil. She locks herself in the room to protect herself.


    Naira learns about Manish rebuking Kartik in the business matters. She defends Kartik’s capabilities. Manish tells her that he knows Kartik’s talents and skills, but he can’t let Kartik handle the business project now. He feels Kartik’s focus is just on Naira’s dance event. He thinks to take Aryan for the project. Kartik doesn’t feel its wrong if Aryan gets a big chance. He wants to stay away from the business so that Aryan can show his caliber to the family. Naira worries for Kartik’s shocking decision. Naira decides to leave from Goenka house to give ample time to Kartik to focus on his work.


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