Neil gets suspicious of Avni’s missing episode in Naamkarann


Jailer tries to fool Neil into believing that Avni has really run away from the jail. Neil gets worried for Avni. Neela blames herself for failing to be a good mum for Avni. Bebe tells Neela that she is the best mum Avni could get. She encourages Neela. She tells Neela that she is Avni’s strength, she completes Avni’s life. Neil learns the shoot at sight order against Avni and asks jailer not to dare do anything against Avni. He doesn’t want anyone to harm Avni. He asks jailer to fulfill his order and summon Ragini Pandit. Jailer insults him for defending a criminal. Neil wants to find Avni before anyone else. He tells DD that his heart is signing him about Avni, and he believes she is in the jail. He decides to thoroughly check the jail to find any clue. He doesn’t get convinced by jailer’s drama.

Vidyut plays another drama to express his wish to marry Avni in front of Neela and Neil’s family. He tells Neela that she should just accept him as Avni’s life partner. He gets obsessed for Avni. He tells his wedding plans to them. Bebe warns him against committing any sin. Vidyut takes their words lightly. He tells Neela that they will be related very soon. He gives shagun from his side.

Neela tells him that she is Avni’s shield. He warns her to accept his wish or he would have to knock her off his way. Prakash gets angry on Vidyut for his madness. He slaps Vidyut and yells on him. He asks Vidyut to face him before dreaming for Avni. Shweta tells Vidyut that Avni has two mums, who can go to any extent to save him. Vidyut doesn’t learn a lesson. He tolerates his insult.

Neil asks the staff to keep finding Avni and just arrest her, without shooting her. He finds something is definitely wrong. Sunehri knows Avni can’t run away, as she has refused to her when she had the opportunity. Monica provokes Sunehri. Sunehri tries to give a clue to Neil. She hopes Neil will find Avni. Neil asks the prisoners about the call made to DD. Sunehri gets scared of the jailer. Neil asks Sunehri to recall Avni’s sacrifices and help him save Avni’s life. Sunehri tells Neil that Avni didn’t wish to run, in order to keep the promise made to him. Neil interrogates Ragini Pandit to know about Avni. Vidyut learns about Avni gone missing. Vidyut wants to find Avni at any cost. Neil gets determined to save Avni. Neil finds Avni buried behind the wall and rescues her.


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