Tej to join hands with Veer in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz: SHOCKING Tej conspires to kill Omkara-Rudra

Dadi learns the entire incident. She consoles Anika. She asks her bahus not to have any grief. She tells them about Makar Sankranti. She wants to see a rocking kite flying competition. She tells them that there will be love in the air. She relates love and marriage with a kite flight. She tells them that they should enjoy this festival. She asks her grandsons to compete kite flying with the neighborhood. Shivay tells them that Omkara is arriving tomorrow. He agrees to fulfill Dadi’s wish. Rudra doesn’t let Shivay tell anything. He boasts that Obros can fly a kite really well.

Veer meets his new friend Tej. Shwetlana tells Veer that she was talking about Tej, who can help him in destroying Shivay. She tells her plan to ruin Shivay. Tej joins hands with Veer and Shwetlana. The evil trio get ready to execute their plan on Makar Sankranti day. Shwetlana tells Veer that Tej shouldn’t know his evil motives. She says Tej will not tolerate Veer’s obsession for Anika. She asks Veer not to let Tej know about his intentions to grab Anika. She says Tej will always defend Anika’s respect and its not wise to win his enmity. She is afraid that Tej can get against them if Veer commits any mistake. Veer agrees to calm his intentions for a while, till Shivay gets targeted by Tej.

Omkara surprises Gauri. Gauri understands him and makes him pleased. Omkara thanks her for supporting him. Omkara learns about the kite competition. Shivay tells him how Rudra has boasted and invited the trouble. They face their confident competitors. Rudra makes an excuse of an injury and steps out of the competition. Khanna helps Shivay. Shivay does a drama of knowing everything and sends off Khanna. He tells Anika that the kite is defective. He buys some time. Anika asks Shivay if he is facing any problem.

Shivay, Omkara and Rudra hide their struggles from their partners. Even then, the girls realize their struggle. Obros try to keep their stand by remarking that they are out of practice. Dadi asks them to keep Oberois’ name and respect. Anika realizes they have to step in the league and win in pride for the family. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya fly the kites and give tough competition. They win the competition and makes Dadi proud. Oberois enjoy the festival with Dadi. Veer makes an appearance and gets admiring Anika’s beauty. Tej would be changing colors to win Shivay’s trust and back-stab him.


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