Romance twist to distract Shorvori’s search in Dil Se Dil Tak


Parth and Teni are coming close. They are finding Shorvori. He is very grateful to Teni. He tells Teni that he doesn’t want to upset her by his constant search, she can relax. He feels Shorvori is not alive. He gets emotional. He thanks Teni for always standing by him, leaving her own dreams. He doesn’t want to move on, as Shorvori will always be in his heart, but he doesn’t want to do injustice with Teni. Teni likes the hill station a lot. She tells Parth that the people residing in such a beautiful place are so lucky. They receive a special offer from the hotel. The man gifts them a city tour package. He tells them that its a complimentary stay for honeymoon couples. Teni gets much happy.

She likes the bundle of joy coming her way for free. She tells the m

anager that Parth and she will surely go. She gets ready for the trip. Parth and Teni have a non-alcoholic drink. She gets excited knowing about the snowfall. She demands him to take her out in the snowfall. She says I didn’t see snowfall ever in my life.

He tells her that he doesn’t know when will snowfall occur. She asks him can’t he find out the time for her sake. Parth realizes she has always supported her. He emotionally connects with Teni. They have sweet moments. Parth takes Teni to show the chilling snowfall. Parth gets mesmerized with Teni’s pretty gestures. He gets carried away. They enjoy the snowfall and romance. Parth’s motives to find Shorvori gets diverted by Teni’s presence. Parth and Teni plan to return home. Will they find Shorvori or not? Keep reading.


  1. Comment:parth is getting close to tenu vry bad is this parth’s true love for shorvari that he forget shorvari by teni’s beauty ..vry boring serial dil se dil tak


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