A trouble approaches Akshara dance academy in Yeh Rishta…


Naira prepares for her dance event, while Kartik prepares for his meeting. Naira wishes she keeps up to Akshara’s dreams. She prays that Kartik too fulfills Manish’s expectations. Naira calls up Kartik to invite him for the event. She asks him to be at the academy on time, so that all her low spirits get a boost. Kartik promises to be there for her. He wants to encourage Naira. Kartik feels bad that Naira is just pushing him for the business. He doesn’t understand why is Naira distancing herself. Manish gets glad when Kartik presents the work files on time. Aryan feels left out once again. He thinks to find a chance to impress Manish again. Manish tells Kartik that clients aren’t coming on time.

Kartik wants to prepare for meeting in advance, so that he can find time to be with Naira. Manish worries that Kartik has to be at the event too. He doesn’t want Kartik’s mood to be spoiled by work pressure. Naira wishes everything goes fine. She learns about Kartik’s meeting getting postponed. Manish asks Naira to let Kartik be with him in office, as the company needs Kartik the most. He asks Naira to explain Kartik that he should first fulfill his responsibilities. He doesn’t want any distraction for Kartik.

Naira doesn’t understand what’s happening on her special day. She tries to change the meeting venue. Kartik gets angered knowing clients have changed the venue. He then gets a lovely surprise knowing Naira has convinced the clients to have the meeting at the dance academy. Kartik, Manish and Akhilesh reach the academy for the meeting. Manish allows Kartik to support Naira during her performance. Naitik hides his illness from the family. He takes medicines, wishing his health condition doesn’t trouble anyone.

Naitik tells Kartik that Naira has changed the meeting venue so that his work stress gets less. Naira arranges a room for Kartik’s meeting. Kartik meets Naira and wishes her all the best for her performance. Naira gets wishes from Dadi as well. Naira senses Dadi still holds annoyance in heart. Kartik begins the meeting in the dance academy. He hopes he doesn’t disappoint anyone. The dance academy faces a big trouble when the bulldozer proceeds to dismantle it.


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