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Dil Se Dil Tak: Parth and Teni are coming close. They are finding Shorvori. He is very grateful to Teni. He tells Teni that he doesn’t want to upset her by his constant search, she can relax. He feels Shorvori is not alive. He gets emotional. He thanks Teni for always standing by him, leaving her own dreams. He doesn’t want to move on, as Shorvori will always be in his heart, but he doesn’t want to do injustice with Teni. Teni likes the hill station a lot. She tells Parth that the people residing in such a beautiful place are so lucky. They receive a special offer from the hotel. The man gifts them a city tour package. He tells them that its a complimentary stay for honeymoon couples. Teni gets much happy.

Mihika learns the good news. Simmi says you will get mad hearing the good news, Raman and Ishita’s divorce got final. Mihika gets happy seeing the signed papers. She asks Simmi how did they do this. Simmi tells her how Parmeet has played a smart game. She asks Mihika to get her kundli, she will show it to pandit and talk about Raman and Mihika’s marriage date. Mihika says Mrs. Iyer has my kundli, I need some time to get the kundli. Simmi asks her not to take tension. Simmi and Parmeet gear up to fix Raman and Mihika’s marriage.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Avni hides from Piyush. Piyush asks Simar to play with him, if she can’t allow Avni. He makes Simar do sit ups. Simar gets emotional seeing his childish behavior. He says you got tired, you can’t play with me, I will better find Avni and play. Avni promises Piyush that she will always be his friend. She takes his signatures on the papers. Avni lies to Simar when she gets caught with the papers. She tells Simar that she was just trying to remind Piyush his past. She says old things can help Piyush recover. She asks Simar to trust her, she wants to help Piyush. Simar believes her.

Neil and Avni romance. Neil gets flirting. She asks him how can he talk so cheap when he is a policeman. He asks her to see his surprise first. They have a cute love confession moment. She thanks him for doing a big favor on her, after all he has added all the hatred in her heart. Neil wants to spend time with her. Avni goes on Shweta’s call. Neil feels his family always spoils his romance.


Harak throws out Mohini from the house. Mohini tries hard to convince Harak, but her games come to an end. Mohini tries to emotionally blackmail Harak about their child. Soumya reveals to everyone that Mohini has lied about the pregnancy. Harak feels ashamed that he has done much injustice with Preeto. Soumya tries to bring Harak and Preeto together. She makes them perform an aarti puja, hoping that Harak apologizes to Preeto and patches up.

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki:

Kanhaiya and Maya see each other at the pub. Maya asks Daali about him. Daali tells Maya that Kanhaiya is her servant. Maya refuses to believe her. She tells Daali that Kanhaiya can be anything, but not a poor servant. She feels she has seen Kanhaiya before. Maya plans to enter the family by using Rocky. They both plan to get Janki’s property in their hands. Daali demands a pizza for breakfast. Janki doesn’t give her money. Kanhaiya asks Daali to not consume pizzas, which aren’t healthy. He advises her to have some light food. Daali doesn’t listen to him. Janki asks Kanhaiya if he can change Daali and convince her to have milk and bread. Daali gets adamant to have a pizza. Kanhaiya comes up with a solution to change her life. Vaijanti wants to get Munni married off soon. She feels Munni has all the girly qualities and she would easily get some a nice guy for marriage.

Piyaa Albela:
Pooja and Chandrika inaugurate a dance academy. Naren attends the event, to keep his name in news. Pooja and Naren do a drama in front of the media. She tells him that he has to keep a smile on his face. Naren asks her till when will she use the media to keep their relation. They have icecream and act as a couple in love. Pooja just wants Naren to have emotions. She is trying hard to end the misunderstandings. Naren shows the media that Pooja and he is the perfect couple. He shows affection towards Chandrika, just in front of the media. He asks her to get ready for another function. Pooja gets worried and thinks what is Naren up to.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:
Uma and Kanak arrive in Bangkok. They get a big shock on seeing Maasi’s true side. Maasi steals Uma’s medical knowledge. She reaps benefits by launching the fertility medicines by her brand name. She talks to the media, being unaware that Uma and Kanak are around. Uma and Kanak keep a watch on Maasi to know her next plans. Uma can’t believe Maasi’s ugly side. Kanak tells Uma that she will expose Maasi’s truth, and prove him innocent.


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