Udaan: Chakor to try forced friendship on Suraj


Chakor plays another drama to commit suicide. She is trying her best to revive Suraj’s memories. She has failed in her first attempt when she jumped down the cliff to remind him their past. Suraj didn’t recall anything. Suraj tells her that he is fed up with her drama. He makes the rope noose and asks her to go ahead. She asks him to help her in her suicide plan. Suraj asks her to just get lost. Pakhi scolds Suraj. She asks him how can he send Chakor to die, everyone knows he wants Chakor to die soon, his hatred is much intense. Suraj realizes Chakor is really committing suicide. He rushes to stop Chakor. He sees Chakor fine and asks her did she get save again. He taunts her. She asks him to end his slavery and accept her love. They both have an argument.

Chakor makes the plan to call Suraj in the jungle and replay her suicide drama. She pressurizes him to get friendly with her. He finds her trying to hang to the tree. He scolds her for her madness.

She asks him why did he come to her, if he has left her to die in the cold lake. He tells her that this tests and all are not good. He asks her to stop the drama. They have a moment. He tells her that if she really wants to die, she can just jump down the valley. Chakor tells him that she isn’t scared, she can really give her life for him. Chakor reaches the edge. Suraj pulls her back. He asks her did she really go mad. She asks him to accept her friendship and love. Suraj agrees to her, but with a condition that she will stay away. She gets glad that Suraj has turned into her friend. She is hopeful that her influence will change Suraj’s mind.


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