Dhanrajgirs to face JD’s wicked truth in Tu Aashiqui


Pankti gets a big shock knowing JD is the mastermind behind Anita’s drama to spoil her engagement. She tells him that she was suspecting him knowing his bad nature. Poorva asks Anita to let Pankti live happily. She asks Anika to stay out of Pankti and Ahaan’s lives. Pankti gets to know JD’s true face again. She faces much humiliation. JD tells Pankti that he will never lose her, she will always be of him. Pankti cries out her pain. JD tells her that he has sent Ahaan away and now he will make sure that Ahaan and Pankti never unite. Pankti tells him that this time true love will win and he will bite the dust. Manav overhears JD and Pankti’s conversation.

Manav learns the big truth that JD is really wicked and Ahaan was right about JD’s bad character. He learns JD is the man who bought Pankti from Anita. He gets moved by his brother’s shocking secret.

JD tries his best to influence Manav for sending Pankti away. He tells Manav that just he can save the family from breaking now. Manav doesn’t want the family to suffer because of JD’s evil. He thinks of the family’s reputation at stake. Sheetal assures Aparna that she will always take care of Pankti. She makes a promise, being unaware of the happenings. There is much drama happening in Dhanrajgir house.

JD’s relation with Pankti gets close to get revealed. Pankti doesn’t want Sheetal to know JD’s truth. She worries that the family will break. Manav requests Pankti to leave the house, if she really wants them to be happy. Sheetal doesn’t want Pankti to go. Pankti decides to leave the house, so that Ahaan’s family doesn’t break. Pankti packs her bags and meets everyone for the final time.

Sheetal and Aparna ask Pankti to stay back. Sheetal asks Manav to think what Anita did with Pankti. Vikram tells them that things are not so simple, they have to think of the consequences. Manav apologizes to Pankti, but wants her out of his family. Sheetal understands Pankti’s pain. She asks them to have humanity. Vikram says we will realize our mistake later, media and organizers will not support us, Ahaan’s career will get ruined, everyone is laughing on Ahaan’s choice. Sheetal tells him that Pankti is also Ahaan’s priority, if she leaves, Ahaan won’t live happily.

Manav disagrees with Sheetal. She instigates him to state the reason and justify. He says this decision is about my son’s future and happiness, Pankti won’t bring in happiness for us, she should leave from here. Aparna explains him that Pankti won’t leave. Manav scolds her as she has maintained a silence when she knew the truth.

He says you have lost the chance to speak up, you knew the truth and even then you have let this relation happen, Pankti and Ahaan’s relation is like a fire, which will burn the entire family. Sheetal tells Manav that she can accept Pankti, she will support her. Manav asks her if she can support her Sautan. He reveals the truth that Pankti is JD’s mistress. He asks Sheetal to tell them, can she take a stand for Pankti now. He tells her that he can’t make her Sautan his son’s wife.

Manav, Vikram and Richa humiliate Pankti. Pankti misses Ahaan, who has gone for his concert. Sheetal learns JD’s shocking truth. The family demands an answer from JD. Pankti is left with no option, than to leave from the house. The entire family argues over JD’s truth. JD tries to put the blame on Anita for trapping him by using Pankti.

Pankti gets kidnapped by JD. She is taken to a farmhouse, which is away from everyone’s knowledge. Sheetal takes a decision to divorce JD and file a case against his for his big cheat. Sheetal vows to ruin JD. She didn’t imagine he will break her trust. Anita learns Pankti is missing. She threatens to ruin Dhanrajgir family if she doesn’t get Pankti back. Keep reading.


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