Ishita attempts to connect to Raman in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita to take desperate measures

Ishita gets glad knowing Ashok’s recovery. Ashok meets Ishita. She shares her problems with him. He asks her what happened in his absence, Romi has informed him about her mum’s arrest. He says you didn’t tell me anything, you should have called me. She says I was worried for your state. He asks her to relax about his health and tell everything since the start. She tells him Simmi and Parmeet’s planning. He knows Parmeet well. She asks him how did she come in Parmeet’s words. He plans to make Parmeet admit his crimes. He gets ready to help Ishita.

He says Parmeet won’t speak up easily, but I know how to deal with him. They make a girl call Parmeet at the cafe. Parmeet understands the girl is sent by Ashok. He ruins Ashok and Ishita’s plans by crushing the phone having the recording. He asks Ishita if she thinks he is a big fool.

He says I got to know something is fishy, its such a cheap drama, they should have thought of something innovative. He laughs on their poor planning. He says I like this about you Ishita, you never accept defeat. Ishita is worried that she lost the last chance too. She asks Ashok what will they do now. She tells Ashok that Parmeet is blackmailing Aaliya a lot. Ashok asks her not to worry. He asks her to try to talk to Raman. Ishita reaches Bhalla house to meet Raman, but Simmi acts as a barrier.

Ashok too comes to Bhalla house with Ishita. He scolds Raman to put some sense in his mind. Ashok says I don’t want you to get remarried. Raman asks what do you think I will listen to you. Ashok says I can do anything, if you don’t listen to me, I will withdraw my investment and ruin your company.

Simmi asks Ashok not to threaten Raman. She brings the contract papers and tells Ashok that there is no clause mentioned that he can withdraw investment if his business partner marries. Raman and Ashok get into an argument. Ishita stops Ashok and leaves with him.

Raman agrees to get remarried for Pihu’s sake. He wants to get a mum for Pihu. He doesn’t know Ishita is Pihu’s real mum and his wife. Simmi takes advantage of his memory loss. Ishita confronts Raman about his decision. Raman asks her to stay away from him and family. Bhallas oppose Ishita and throw her out of the house on Simmi’s instigation. Ishita doesn’t want to marry again at any cost.


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