Rehaan gets certain to confess love in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Roshni suspects on Rehaan and Ahana’s bond. Rehaan asks Ahana to listen to him once. He wants to make up to her for that day’s mistake. Roshni asks them if they have any fight going on. Ahana doesn’t let anything get revealed. Anant gets surprised when he sees Yamini wearing the same pendant as Ahana. Ahana gets upset with him. Anant tries explaining that he didn’t gift anything to Yamini. Ahana and Anant have an argument. Roshni plants misunderstandings between them. Roshni tells Anant that she has gifted Yamini to give her some happiness. She acts innocent. Anant scolds her for using his name to gift Yamini. Roshni succeeds to put Ahana in sorrow.

Rehaan confronts Roshni for hurting Ahana’s sentiments. She asks him if he is seeing a future with Ahana. She tells him that many people will get hurt by his mistake. She asks Rehaan if he wants to become Ahana’s boyfriend, knowing she is Anant’s wife. Rehaan and Ahana get worried for their friendship becoming a subject of concern for others.

Ahana tries to avoid Rehaan. Rehaan asks her not to run away from their questions. Ahana tells him how she is stuck in a dilemma. Rehaan assures her that he will make everything fine. She feels their mistake can’t be undone. She feels guilty for their mistake. Rehaan consoles her. Anant doesn’t feel bad seeing Rehaan giving a consoling shoulder to Ahana. He feels he is responsible for Ahana’s sorrow. He plans a surprise trip with Ahana, which leaves Rehaan stunned.

Anant thanks Rehaan for taking care of Ahana in his absence. Anant doesn’t imagine anything brewing up between Rehaan and Ahana. Rehaan fails to convince his heart that Ahana is Anant’s wife. He doesn’t want Ahana to get away from him. Anant secures Saloni and Tarun’s child by a insurance policy. Laila feels glad that Anant is a beneficial factor for her. Laila asks Ahana to manage her relation with Anant. Ahana agrees to go with Anant. She wants to give another chance to her marriage. Laila tries to explain Rehaan to support Ahana and Anant’s marriage. Ahana’s dilemmas continue to get high when Rehaan confesses love to Ahana.


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