Satya to target Susheel’s weakness in Ikyawann


Leela makes Satya ready for the marriage. She makes him wear Sehra and shagun chain. Mehul gifts bangles to Susheel. He tells her that he can’t come in her marriage as he can’t see her leaving. He hides his emotions. He couldn’t tell her that Leela has kept the condition that he shouldn’t come in the marriage function if he wants them to accept Susheel. Mehul gets emotional. Mehul doesn’t reveal anything to Susheel. He wants Susheel’s happiness.

Leela is happy that Mehul is not coming in the marriage. She gets the groom to the altar. Satya isn’t happy. He will be refusing for the marriage. He wants to punish Susheel for her family’s mistakes. Susheel asks her family about Mehul. Dada ji asks her to come to the altar, Mehul would be coming. Susheel apprehensively waits for her dad. Leela plays the dhol and dances. She is close to take revenge for Kiran’s state.

Satya’s baraat brings a smile on everyone’s faces. Susheel is made to dance in baraat. Leela compliments her and gives her new dreams. Leela makes Susheel remove the light jewelry. She gives ancestral jewelry to Susheel and makes her wear it. Satya will be leaving Susheel alone in the mandap. Satya will vent out anger on Mehul and Susheel. Satya plans to make Susheel mentally unstable by his shocking rejection.


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