Vidyut to turn Avni’s fears true in Naamkarann


Vidyut makes a plan to enter Neil’s house in disguise. DD falls in trouble because of Vidyut. DD gets attacked and loses conscious. He fails to inform Neil about Vidyut’s escape. Vidyut gets mean to use people in his favor. He promises to destroy Neil’s happiness. Neil and Avni prepare for the party and have some sweet moments. Neil flirts with her. He confesses love to her again and again. She tells him that he is in her heart and will always be. They have few moments of solace. They are sure that nothing can go wrong in their lives now. He makes her smile. They cherish their old memories.

They are grateful that they got another chance to be together. She tells him that its just his love which made her feel legitimate and deserving of a lovely family. She thanks him for giving her everything she longed for. She is sure that they will just have happiness coming their way. Avni too professes love for Neil.

Vidyut is angered to lose his mum by Neil’s tricks. He wants to snatch everything from Neil. Vidyut wants to show his obsession to them. Neil and Avni celebrate with the family. Rocky waits for his team members to arrive home. The family prepares for the photoshoot. Avni compliments Shweta to make her happy. Vidyut takes disguise. He enters Neil’s house with his men as Rocky’s crew.

Neil tries calling DD. He gets wrong info about DD. He doesn’t learn Vidyut’s escape. Bebe gets upset with the delay. The family sings a happy song to cheer up Bebe. They get together to pose for the family photo. Neil and Avni steal some cute moments. Avni gets scared to experience much happiness. Neil calms her fears. Vidyut panics them by an unexpected entry. Avni’s fear turns true.


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