Bhallas’ move to trouble Ishita in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Simmi plays a new trick. Ishita’s mum gets arrested. Mrs. Iyer had slapped Mihika in anger, when she got to know Mihika is marrying Raman. Iyers get disappointed with Mihika. Mrs. Bhalla gets instigated by Simmi and files a case against her to settle scores. Ishita feels helpless when the police takes her mum to the police station. She worries for her mum’s health. She asks Raman to help her. Ishita feels Simmi and Mihika are crossing the limits by targeting her mum. She reprimands Mihika for complaining against her mum. Mihika denies the blame. Mrs. Bhalla tells Ishita that she has filed the complaint by Mihika’s name. Simmi wants to get Raman and Mihika married. Raman asks Ishita why is she creating a scene.

Ishita tells him that his mum has filed a case against her mum, will they send an elderly woman to jail. Raman gets tension. He feels unwell. Simmi sends away Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla worries for Raman’s health.

Raman stops the inspector. He wants his mum to withdraw the complaint. Raman makes his mum take back the false allegations. Ishita thanks him. Raman tells Ishita that Mihika has done this favor, she has convinced his mum to withdraw the case. Raman flops Simmi’s plans, even when he doesn’t remember his strong relationship with Ishita. Ishita decides to teach a lesson to Simmi. She doesn’t want to keep forgiving Simmi and Parmeet for their cheap tactics. What will Ishita do now? Keep reading.


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